Don’t blunt the knife

For many track and field athletes in the Southern Hemisphere (except the elites) the domestic season was concluded within the past two weeks. This becomes a period of down-time, transition and more importantly, planning for the next season. Depending on … Read the rest


Introspection is about being critical and self-aware of your conscious thoughts and reflecting on and giving a self-assessment of how you are living your life.

This is key in a training environment. Particularly at the conclusion of a season, athletes … Read the rest

The Placebo Workout

A placebo can have a very powerful effect. In a clinical sense, a placebo (the control) and the real drug (intervention) are given to patients to determine the therapeutic effect on an illness or disease. Both patients believe they are … Read the rest

Periodisation is a Myth

Periodisation can be described as a long-term methodical plan to achieve optimal performance, whereby various physiological qualities are systematically developed, while also controlling levels of fatigue and the law of accommodation.

But is this actually reality? Do coaches (or athletes) … Read the rest