Introspection is about being critical and self-aware of your conscious thoughts and reflecting on and giving a self-assessment of how you are living your life.

This is key in a training environment. Particularly at the conclusion of a season, athletes MUST take a critical view and self-assessment of their commitment and sacrifices towards their training life and goal. Have all roads been leading towards the goal, without taking short-cuts along the way? History shows, elite performances require elite sacrifices. Magic doesn’t just happen when you walk between the lines into the final. It happens long before this.

Some athletes say they are committed but it is just lip service. Within past years, i worked with one athlete who truly walked the walk in every facet of training. It was effectively complete commitment and sacrifice; and truly impressive. Others, are happy to sail into the sunset of post-season mediocrity, only to repeat the same routine the following season. Don’t be this athlete.

I challenge athletes to have a stronger sense of introspection and reflect on their commitment to their cause. If you can’t do this honestly, ask someone you respect for their honest view; maybe they will identify something you missed.

Commitment is more than just showing up. True commitment requires sacrifice. Be honest with yourself… Are you willing to make the sacrifices to achieve your goals?

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