Adelaide Athletic Development Conference 2016


I am lucky enough to be involved with organising, collaborating and presenting at the inaugural ‘Adelaide Athletic Development Conference’. What started as a conversation between three of us back in October of 2015, has materialised into something tangible which will be held this November in the Western region of Adelaide, South Australia.

The Adelaide Athletic Development Conference 2016 was developed with the vision to promote applied knowledge and understanding in the field of Strength & Conditioning, Physical Preparation and Athletic Development.

The conference will be a mix of both practical and lecture based workshops, aimed to provide professional development opportunities for strength & conditioning coaches, sport coaches, teachers, students and athletes.

Presenters include some of the top minds in Adelaide involved in Strength & Conditioning and Athletic Development.

I’ll be sharing more information about the conference as we get closer to the event.

A very exciting event!!

Check it out on Facebook: AADC2016

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