Happy Birthday (to my blog:)

happy birthday

I got a notification last week that it had been 12 months since I wrote my first blog post; which you can read here… I originally started this blog so I could express my views on a variety of my interests but it has expanded since then to include some fantastic, insightful interviews with some great S&C coaches (with more to come) from around Australia and hopefully soon enough around the world. I do enjoy writing, it is a passion of mine, I just wish I had more time to spend doing it… but with a little one on the way very very soon who knows; I may end up throwing some words on a page at 3am when he wakes up… Anyway, thanks to all who have contributed to date and for those who have read the blog and given me some positive feedback; I really appreciate it.  Keep at it!

“Make it big time where you are at… Don’t always be looking for greener pastures.” Ron McKeefrey. 


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