My name is Dylan Hicks. I am a strength & conditioning coach from Adelaide, South Australia. I work at a private college in Adelaide, plus lecture in the faculty of Exercise Science at Flinders University, Adelaide.

My background is primarily in Track & Field spending the past 5 years coaching a private Sprints group called the College Track Club. I am a certified strength & conditioning specialist, NSCA and a Level 2 ASCA coach. I completed my Masters Degree in Exercise Science (Strength & Conditioning) at ECU in 2010, and have recently (Feb-2018) begun my PhD in applied Biomechanics at Flinders University, with my thesis focused around Force-Velocity profiling.

I initially started this blog to express my thoughts on all things which occupy my mind surrounding strength and conditioning, physical preparation and athletic development and now continue to develop this understanding from a research perspective.

I hope you enjoy the content!

You can contact me via email – collegestrengthconditioning@gmail.com


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