Frans Bosch Infographic: Strenth Training and Coordination


I put together this infographic last week after reading the new text by Frans Bosch, Strength Training & Coordination: An Integrative Approach.

Some parts of the text are pretty dense reading (which is similar to his previous text ‘Running’) but I feel there are many applied elements and principles which can be utilised in the field almost immediately. I plan to present some of these principles in my workshop at AADC2016 in Adelaide in November.

The concept of Transfer, creating Self-Organisation and Co-Contractions are of particular interest to me and warrant further experimentation and thought.

I really like the title specifically to running/sprinting (but also Team Sports) as there’s definitely more to winning medals than just applying more force into the ground; see Christophe Lemaitre (Bronze in 200m RIO 2016). The coordination aspect is clearly a limiting factor to performance and needs further exploration. Along with Frans, European coaches such as Hakan Anderson, and the coaches of Lemaitre and Vicaut are (and have been for years) forging new paths in this area.

See a quick clip of Frans below; working with West Ham FC.

Definitely worth exploring rather than constantly chasing the numbers in the weight room.


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