What’s your training philosophy?


This isn’t a long post but one I thought I would write as I count down the days until the start of the GPP with a new group of athletes. Stu McMillan, Altis,  recently posted on his Instagram (see below – along with many other thought provoking posts); …it is imperative that a coach has a set of guiding principles – a PHILOSOPHY; a deep understanding of our philosophical constructs; the most basic beliefs, concepts and attitudes that drive our coaching… And so I sat there; what do I believe in?


So I thought about all that shaped me as a coach; past experiences, education, previous coaches, current mentors… What do I actually base my coaching practice on? The list below is not exhaustive, nor is it supposed to be, but statements I can refer to when doing my track or strength programming, or when called upon by various lines of questioning from athletes, coaches or parents.

In no particular order:

Speed is King

Prepare athletes for the demands of their sport/event

Work capacity is fuelled by the aerobic system

Don’t change things too quickly or too often

Test only what matters

Get rid of the fluff

Specificity as you get closer to event

Undertrain rather than overtrain

Movement efficiency is the goal

Results matter

Keep it simple

Admit when you’re wrong or don’t know

If the wheels fall off; strip it right back

Don’t neglect qualities for too long

Ask your athletes

Smile. Life goes on!

Not an extensive list but a good start! I encourage you to do the same.


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